Programme for Government approved by Fine Gael

26th June 2020 - Cliona Doyle

The Programme for Government was approved by the Fine Gael Electoral College today (Friday).

The overall result was 80% in favour and 20% against the Programme for Government.

The total vote cast was 674, meaning a turnout of 95%.

The breakdown of the vote is as follows:

Parliamentary Party
Approved: 90%
Not approved: 10%

Council of Local Representatives
Approved: 57%
Not approved: 43%

Constituency Delegates
Approved: 71%
Not approved: 29%

Executive Council
Approved: 85%
Not approved: 15%

All votes were brought to Fine Gael Headquarters where they were verified and counted under the supervision of the Returning Officer, Fiona O’Connor, Chair of the Executive Council.


Further detail on Fine Gael’s electoral college:

  • The approval of the Programme for Government was carried out on the basis of an Electoral College system of voting with the votes of each electors weighted as follows:

  • The parliamentary party (50% of the total poll) comprises 52 votes (35 TDs, 12 Senators and 5 MEPs).

  • The Constituency Delegates (25% of the total poll) are ten delegates from each of the country’s 39 constituencies meaning 390 votes. [*The ten are chosen as follows: Five (Constituency Chair, Secretary, Constituency Organiser, Membership Officer and Youth Officer) and five other members from the constituency.]

  • Council of Local Representatives (15% of the total poll) i.e. county and city councillors, 250 votes.

  • The Executive Council (10% of the total poll), circa 25 votes.

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