Rees-Mogg’s border visit nothing more than a PR stunt – Richmond

-   Senator Neale Richmond

Fine Gael Senator and spokesman on EU Affairs, Neale Richmond, has labelled a visit by arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg to the Irish border as nothing more than a PR stunt.

The conservative MP visited the border as part of an upcoming report by Sky News.

Senator Richmond said: “While it is very welcome to see the chairman of the European Research Group finally visit the Irish border, it is telling that he has chosen to do so as part of a report for the Sky News television station.

“Despite being a member of the House of Commons’ Exiting the EU Select Committee, Mr Rees-Mogg has snubbed two recent visits by that Committee to Ireland; these visits included engagements in the Oireachtas, engagements with civil society, engagements with the business community, engagements with Government Ministers and of course visits to the border region.

“Up until recently Mr Rees-Mogg has said he sees no reason why he, as an outspoken proponent of Brexit, needed to visit the border region, even though the issue of the Irish border is a priority negotiating matter for both the European and British negotiating teams.

“Indeed Mr Rees-Mogg has previously stated that he consults with DUP MPs when he wants information.

“While the Brexit negotiations are at a critical stage with the spectre of a doomsday “no deal” scenario looming on the horizon, the approach of Mr Rees-Mogg sums up the ignorant and feckless outlook of so many blinkered Brexiteers.

“Mr Rees-Mogg’s visit to the border region this week is nothing more than a PR stunt and demonstrates once again his inability to engage properly on this issue.”


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