Skillnets is an invaluable resource for both employed and unemployed

6th October 2015 - Deirdre Clune MEP

In 2012, Skillnets, the national skills agency which is funded by the Department of Education delivered significant increases in the numbers of employees and job-seekers trained in key skills. These new attributes will make both workers and job seekers more desirable to employers and valuable to the economy. I would like to highlight the importance of the organisation and encourage interested parties to research whether they could benefit from the organisation.

In their latest 2012 report, we can see that the number of people in receipt of training was up by 10% when compared with 2011. This means a rise of 17% on training days delivered.

Skillnets also provided and continues to provide a lifeline to SMEs which are crucial to our economic recovery, 90% of the training provided to employees was to SMEs.

This training was mainly in the services sector which includes financial services, management skills  and the agriculture area, these are extremely important growing industries which need to be nurtured.

Through its work, Skillnets is ensuring that jobs are protected in key sectors and it is also striving to arm those without jobs with the correct skill-set to hopefully secure employment going forward.

The training and support businesses and individuals receive is targeted, hands-on and relevant due to the the close partnership with businesses of many disciplines.

The investment in this organisation and others like it which are devoted to generating sustainable economic growth is a key pillar in this government’s efforts to get Ireland on the road to recovery.

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