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Statement by Minister Leo Varadkar on Dublin Bus

25th October 2013 - Leo Varadkar, TD

Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar and Minister of State for Public Transport Alan Kelly have noted the outcome of the ballot of drivers at Dublin Bus represented by NBRU, and expressed deep concern at the outcome of the ballot of drivers represented by SIPTU.

The very narrow rejection by SIPTU comes in the face of the conclusion by the independent experts, which was not disputed by the drivers’ unions, that the latest proposals were the best that could be achieved in the current financial circumstances and that the potential consequences for the company were stark should they be rejected.

There have already been substantial fare increases and payroll savings are needed to protect existing service levels. There is no other solution to the financial challenges facing the company.

Given that the proposals have been accepted by a clear majority of the drivers in the company, and by a clear majority of the staff represented by all unions, both Ministers call on SIPTU to join with all the other grades in accepting the overall outcome of the vote and the views of the staff as a whole, and in implementing the necessary measures without any disruption to services that would be detrimental to the travelling public as well as their own members. Any strike will be prolonged as it is hard to see how it could be resolved given that all the industrial relations processes of the State have already been exhausted and there is no basis for any further intervention. There will be no winners and all sides will be worse off. 

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