Statement from Catherine Byrne, TD and Vice-Chairperson Fine Gael Parliamentary Party

-   Catherine Byrne TD

Today’s meeting of the Fine Gael parliamentary meeting was open, positive and constructive. We welcomed new members and acknowledged good colleagues who lost their seats.

In relation to the formation of a new government the feelings of members is that party’s position is very clear:

We agreed to work in a progressive manner towards the formation of a new government, but not at any cost. It is critical that any government formed is a lasting one.

Stability is key at this point in the country’s recovery. Members clearly expressed the view that forming an unstable government is not in the people’s interest.

Fine Gael will adhere to its core principles in the course of any conversation with other party’s or groupings.

A process will be put in place to review our electoral performance and all voices will be heard in that process.

The meeting strongly reiterated its commitment to supporting the Irish Water model as the best and most cost effective way of providing clean water and decent waste water services.

The Irish people have shown enormous resilience in the last number of years and deserve stability.

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