Statement from Fine Gael TD Tom Neville on County Limerick diving equipment used in Thailand cave rescue

-   Tom Neville TD

“I’d like to commend all who are involved in the rescue of school boys trapped in a cave in Thailand.

“It is with pride that I congratulate those involved from Cappamore and Ennis for their gallant reaction and selfless actions in getting equipment and using their knowledge and skills in aiding the rescue.

“Again we see people such as these who are called upon in a time of great need rising to the challenge and I very much thank them for what they have done and recognise them as well for their heroic deeds.

“To think that a small village in County Limerick such as Cappamore has done its bit in a worldwide rescue operation that has been top of the news agenda on every channel globally just shows no matter how far away, we can always make a difference.”

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