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Statement on behalf of the Government/ICTU/IBEC Group on Dublin Bus

5th October 2013 - Leo Varadkar, TD

The Government, ICTU and IBEC Group appointed to consider the industrial relations issues within Dublin Bus met this morning to consider a report from Noel Dowling and Ultan Courtney. This report was commissioned by the Group as an independent investigation into the reasons why the Labour Court recommendation and clarifications on the Dublin Bus cost savings plan were rejected by bus drivers at the company.

The report, which is now being made available publicly, was presented to the company and to unions in Dublin Bus this afternoon by Mr Dowling and Mr Courtney. The Group fully endorses the report as a fair and balanced assessment of the issues within Dublin Bus.

The Group accepts the proposals in the report which, while consistent with the Labour Court recommendations, set out operational changes to address many of the drivers’ concerns which were identified as contributing to the rejection of the previous ballots. Given the seriousness of the situation as documented in the report, the Group urges all parties to accept its recommendations in a final effort to secure agreement.

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