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Steady hands needed at the tiller as we enter choppy waters of Brexit – Clune

23rd May 2019 - Deirdre Clune MEP

Steady hands are needed at the tiller as we enter the choppy waters of the next phase of Brexit negotiations, Fine Gael MEP candidate Deirdre Clune has warned.

“We’ve seen what has happened in the UK over the last 48 hours with even more indecision and rancour.

“This is what Nigel Farage is trying to achieve at EU level with his Brexiteers.

“When I see how Nigel Farage will be a strong force in the next parliament, now more than ever we need voices of experiences and those that are going to engage with Europe to compromise and make sure that Ireland’s interests are reflected in whatever future relationship the UK has with Europe.

“It’s a very important time for us, we’ve been steady for the last three years and we need more of that now to ensure Ireland’s voice is reflected in all the issues we will be negotiating in the next phase.”

Ms Clune, who is canvassing in Cork this morning with the Taoiseach and Tánaiste, continued: “Brexit is the most pertinent issue that will impact this country for years to come. We’re entering choppy waters now and we need steady hands at the tiller.

“It’s really important tomorrow that we send out the message that we are pro-European, that we want to stay at the heart of Europe and that we will send our best team to the European Parliament to ensure that Irish concerns are heard as we enter the next phase of negotiations.

“The best response we can give to the Brexit party is voting Fine Gael, a party that has worked night and day to protect Irish people and Irish interests in the negotiations.

“I have been a big part of that and I am proud to see how far our MEPs and Fine Gael have brought the country.

“Back us now as we enter the next critical stage on Brexit.”


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