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Winners – 3 February 2022

Prize Winner Constituency
Top Prize €2,000 WHS Staff Wicklow
€250 Mary Gilligan Sligo Leitrim
€250 Willie Gleeson Wexford
€250 Mark & Derval Fitzgerald Dublin Bay South
€250 Jeffrey Aherne Dublin Mid West
€250 Charlie Bonner Donegal
€250 Pat O'Sullivan Waterford
€250 Michael Sweeney Donegal
€250 Zing Technology Dublin Bay North
Constituency Prize €250 Pat O'Bryne Meath West
€250 Enda McNamee Meath West
€250 Joan McLaughlin Donegal
€250 Terence Slowey Donegal

All prize winners have been notified. The next draw is on the 10th February 2022