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Taoiseach calls for information on “the Disappeared”

10th July 2013 - Enda Kenny

The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny T.D. this evening made a call for anyone with information to provide it in confidence, following his meeting with a group of family members of the “Disappeared” victims of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

During the meeting, the Taoiseach expressed his sympathy for the families’ loss and the ongoing plight of those whose loved ones’ remains have not yet been located and returned to them for burial.

This evening’s meeting is the latest in a series of meetings that the Taoiseach has held with the families of victims of the troubles in the North.

The families presented the Taoiseach with a copy of the recently published book The Disappeared of Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’ which sets out some of their stories.

The Taoiseach also met with the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR) and was updated on their ongoing work to recover those whose remains are still missing.

The Taoiseach said

“I am glad to have the opportunity this evening to meet with and to hear the stories of those families whose loved ones were taken, killed and then hidden from them in such a callous and tragic way.

Information from the public is absolutely essential to help to bring an end to their pain. I call on anyone with information about any of the cases of the Disappeared to make it available in strict confidence to the Victims’ Remains Commission. I also call on anyone who knows anyone else who may have relevant information to use their influence to encourage them to make it available to the Commission. This is a matter of common, human decency. These families have suffered enough and somebody out there can help to bring an end to that suffering.

The relatives of the Disappeared have for decades endured their loss with dignity, never giving up hope for the return of the remains of their family members for a decent burial.

I recognise the continuing hurt and disappointment of those families whose loved ones have yet to be recovered.” 

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