Typical Fianna Fáil – We want more gardaí, but not gardaí from there – D’Arcy

-   Fine Gael Press Office

Yet again Fianna Fáíl have shown they are no friend of rural Ireland as they take issue with the increased garda presence in communities around the country, Fine Gael Minister Michael D’Arcy has said.

Minister D’Arcy said comments from Fianna Fáil TDs about the new operating model and revised divisional structure for An Garda Síochána show Micheál Martin’s party constantly put politics before the needs of their constituents.

Minister of State D’Arcy said: “Typical Fianna Fáil – we want more gardaí, but not gardaí from there.

“This is ludicrous politics. On the one hand, Sean Fleming today (Friday) wanted more consultation with the community, while on the other hand he said these decisions should be taken at Cabinet level, completely contradicting himself.

“The new model will see more Garda sergeants and inspectors on the ground in our communities.

“It will see less bureaucracy and duplication at senior garda level and more decision making powers at local level.

“We are adopting a functional model of policing proven successful in other countries including by providing specialisations in every division – but of course Fianna Fáil think they know better. They object for the sake of objection – something they have become very consistent at.”

Minister D’Arcy added: “The new model will provide more visible Gardaí on the front-line, protecting and supporting our communities.

“It will shift more power and decision making from Garda Headquarters to Chief Superintendents leading Divisions, closer to the communities they serve and ensure we have a more localised and responsive police service reflecting local needs.

“This marks significant progress in the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland & the Garda Inspectorate.”


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