Cardiac Assessment & Screen essential for identifying potential heart problems – O’Donovan

-   Patrick ODonovan TD

CRY Cardiac Assessment & Screen is an essential tool to preventing Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), a Fine Gael Minister has said.

Minister Patrick O’Donovan was speaking after undergoing a full cardiac assessment at the CRY Centre in Tallaght University Hospital, to raise awareness of SADs and to highlight the services of CRY.

CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) is an Irish charity that facilitates free cardiac assessments and support to individuals and families who have lost loved ones to SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death) or are affected by inherited cardiac conditions.

Minister of State O’Donovan has experience of the effects of SADS in his local community. The Herlihy family from Monagea in West Limerick tragically lost their daughter, Niamh, in 2011, to SADS, and the O’Donovan and Scanlan Family neighbours of the Herlihy’s and also from Monagea lost Darra eight months later.

Minister O’Donovan said: “I’m proud to be here today to support CRY and their unique national and free service.

“We want people to be aware of the risks and to know that CRY provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for people diagnosed with, or at risk from, heart disease, particularly at a young age.

“The service today was outstanding; it was reassuring to know that all aspects of cardiac assessment are examined at the CRY Centre with such thorough detail and care,” the Limerick Minister said.

According to CRY, approximately two people under the age of 35 die every week in Ireland from SADS. Conditions that cause SADS cannot be cured, but if diagnosed, risk of death can be significantly reduced. The best treatment for people at risk is expert assessment and this includes screening.

The CRY (Ireland) Centre is the only clinic in Ireland that provides a full-time dedicated service, free to all patients.

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