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EU database for stolen scramblers could help clamp down on scourge on our communities – Doherty

5th March 2024 - Regina Doherty

Greater cooperation throughout the European Union on the seizure of scramblers and quad bikes could help authorities to tackle the issues associated with these vehicles, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Senator Regina Doherty, Fine Gael’s European Election candidate for Dublin, said: “It was reported yesterday that thirty-two scramblers and quads have been seized in Dublin in the last ten weeks, including seven over the weekend. This is along with €15,000 worth of drugs and over €6,000 in cash.

“These seizures are part of a crackdown by the Gardaí, who are carrying out a comprehensive operation to target masked young men riding scramblers at high speeds through public spaces.

“Scramblers and quads are a scourge on our communities, and in parts of Dublin they have become a real problem.

“We know the dangers they pose to both the drivers and the public; in fact, they have resulted in people being seriously injured and even killed. A scrambler crashed into a taxi in Ballymun last week, causing grave injury to the person who was driving it.

“In addition to this, the Gardaí are aware that organised crime gangs are using scramblers to deliver and deal drugs, and many of these bikes are stolen. A number of gangs are also supplying vulnerable young people with scramblers to work for them.

“Given the number of stolen scramblers that are seized, I believe it’s time for a collective EU approach that would assist local police forces in their efforts.

“The involvement of agencies like Europol in creating an EU-wide database for stolen bikes would mean that when Gardaí seize a scrambler or quad, they can quickly check that database to see if it has been stolen or brought from elsewhere in the EU.

“Eucaris (European Car and Driving Licence Information System), is a system that connects countries so they can share vehicle and driving licence information and other transport related data.

“It works as an exchange mechanism that connects the Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authorities in Europe for the purpose of detecting car theft and registration fraud.

“Surely agencies could pool this technology to come together in order to detect scramblers and quad bikes that have been stolen.

“In Fine Gael we want safer streets and stronger communities, and in Dublin, tackling the issue of scramblers and quads is a big part of that”, Senator Doherty concluded.

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