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New traffic flow plan for Dublin will make life hard for Dubliners – Doherty

31st May 2024 - Regina Doherty

The Dublin City Centre Transport Plan must be paused and a new statutory consultation process must be established to allow citizens a real chance to voice their concerns, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Senator Regina Doherty, Fine Gael’s European Election candidate for Dublin said: “The transport plan currently being rolled-out by Dublin City Council envisages changes to traffic flows on a number of roads and increased restrictions on drivers in the city centre.

“Dublin city centre should be open to all the people who live in Dublin. Instead, the details of Dublin City Council’s new transport management plan will make it harder to drive in town for those who live there, increase traffic congestion on our roads, and further increase commuting times for people who travel into Dublin on a daily basis.

“While a consultation process did take place it is clear from the many people who have raised their concerns with me that most people were unaware of it and did not get a chance to submit their views. This is why I support calls from citizens and community groups for a pause in the roll-out of the plans and a proper statutory consultation process.

“We all want Dublin to offer an excellent quality of life for people who live, work, and visit here. However, it is concerning that moves such as limiting private traffic on the quays or on Pearse Street, or reducing the number of lanes on Gardiner Street will mainly impact those people who have no other option but to drive into town either for work or family reasons.

“Not enough allowances or additional supports are being put in place to support those who are vulnerable or unable to access public transport.

“At a time when footfall in Dublin City Centre is still lower than what it was pre-Covid, these measures will mean that people will think twice about spending an afternoon in town. This will have a negative impact on the already struggling Dublin retailer and hospitality sector.

“In the absence of a directly elected Mayor it falls to other public representatives to make the case for Dublin. Dublin is the economic heart of Ireland, with a thriving cultural scene. The city centre should be accessible for everyone in Dublin, not just the people who live centrally or those with easy access to public transport.

“We need a transport plan that won’t damage the cultural or economic vibrancy of Dublin by further reducing footfall in the city centre. I feel the City Council needs to look again at this proposal, in the interest of all Dubliners,” Senator Doherty concluded.

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