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Fianna Fáil MEPs must clarify their position on Ireland’s tax sovereignty– Doherty

16th April 2024 - Regina Doherty

MEPs Barry Andrews and Billy Kelleher must decide whether proposals to “get rid of the vetoes” by Fianna Fáil’s European grouping are in Ireland’s best interests, according to Fine Gael’s MEP candidate for Dublin.

Senator Regina Doherty said: “The European Election priority list for the Renew Europe Now platform – to which Fianna Fáil is allied – reads: ‘We want to get rid of the vetoes. Reform needs to happen and needs to happen now[1]’.

“The right of member states to retain a veto on setting tax policy is paramount, and if elected I will always defend Ireland’s right as a sovereign country to make our own decisions on taxation. This is one of the reasons that Ireland has maintained tax policies that keep us competitive and create jobs, while also ensuring that our citizens and businesses benefit from access to the Single Market.

“Decisions on tax at European Council level require unanimity, and this protects Ireland’s ability to decide its own tax policy on an equal basis with other member states; for example, our corporation tax rate. Giving up our tax sovereignty could have devastating consequences for Ireland.

“Past proposals, which were strongly opposed by our Government, have included a move to a qualified majority voting system on tax policy in the Council. That would benefit larger economies, while hanging smaller member states like Ireland out to dry.

“That’s why I’m genuinely concerned that Fianna Fáil have signed up to a manifesto that contains throwaway lines about ‘getting rid of the vetoes’. Have they read it properly? Have they asked for clarification on how it might affect Ireland’s interests?

“I would ask Barry Andrews and Billy Kelleher to immediately clarify their party’s position, and to instead commit to Ireland’s continued prosperity on the world stage through a fair and competitive tax policy”, concluded Senator Doherty.


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