Ireland is world leader in dealing with Delta variant – Doherty

Ireland pulls off ‘startling turnaround’ to rank as best county in the world to live with Delta in new Bloomberg report

28th September 2021 - Regina Doherty

Ireland has ranked number one in a new Bloomberg report on the best countries in the world in which to live with the Delta variant of Covid-19, Fine Gael Leader of Seanad Éireann Regina Doherty has said.

Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking ‘The Best and Worst Places to Be as We Learn to Live With Delta’, was published today (Tuesday).

Senator Doherty said, “Ireland has, at various times during the pandemic, ranked highly in global surveys on dealing with Covid-19. We have now replaced Norway as Bloomberg’s number one country in the world in which to live with the Delta variant.

“According to the report Ireland has pulled off a ‘startling turnaround’ since earlier this year.

“This is thanks to our world class vaccination programme; indeed the Bloomberg report notes us as having one of the world’s best vaccination rates. We now have over 90% of our adult population fully vaccinated and almost 90% of those aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated.

“While the pandemic has been so difficult for so many people, together we pursued the right strategy and we are coming though the other side.

“Had we followed the reckless Covid Zero policy advocated by so many in this country, we would simply not be where we are today. The Bloomberg report notes that Singapore, which is currently trying to move away from their Covid Zero approach, fell 11 rungs in the rankings as an unsettling surge in cases saw some restrictions reimposed.

“Remember all those who called for airports to be shut down and mandatory hotel quarantine to be extended to every single person entering the country? Where would we be now had we imposed such illogical measures? Thankfully mandatory hotel quarantine  was quietly discontinued for the last remaining countries at the weekend.

“Of course now is not the time for complacency even though we are doing so well. Even though we have all heard the public health advice many rimes, we must remember to continue to to regularly wash hands, wear a mask when appropriate – particularly in retail settings, on public transport and in healthcare settings; keep your distance, open windows and ventilate indoor spaces. Crucially, if you have symptoms of COVID-19 like cough, fever, fatigue, headache, or sore throat – you must immediately isolate and contact your GP who will advise if you need to arrange a test.

“Brighter days are ahead and if we all keep up our great effort against Covid-19, we can ensure Ireland continues to be a world leader in responding to Covid-19. ”

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