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Ireland must prepare to implement EU Digital Green Pass – Doherty

12th March 2021 - Regina Doherty

Senator Regina Doherty has called for all relevant Departments and agencies to prepare for the immediate logistical roll-out of the European Commission’s proposed ‘Digital Green Pass’, due to be published next week.


The European Commission said earlier this week it was working to identify technical solutions that can be deployed rapidly, ensure that the authenticity of certificates can be checked securely throughout the EU and enable mutual recognition.


Senator Doherty said: “With vaccines rolling out across Europe, with the most vulnerable groups of people to be vaccinated by May, the European Commission is preparing the digital infrastructure for a summer implementation of an EU wide ‘Green Pass’, showing proof of vaccination, proof of recovery from Covid or someone’s most recent Covid test.


“The Commission has stated that EU countries will need to move fast to prepare for the logistical roll-out and necessary changes to national health records systems. As our current infrastructure in this regard is considerably lacking, all stakeholders should be brought together now to begin preparing to implement this new system.


“Freedom of movement is one of the core EU values and will be a huge priority for many European people and countries when it is safe to do so. Depending on roll-outs, this could hopefully be by early to mid-summer for some, and we must be ready to work with our European friends and neighbours.


“Return of safe travel will be a real milestone and massive achievement in the battle against this virus. 140,000 people in Ireland rely on the aviation industry for their livelihoods, and adequately preparing for its return when safe to do so will provide a much-needed injection of hope for many,” Senator Doherty concluded.


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