Mulherin urges women to avail of free cervical screening

-   Senator Michelle Mulherin

Fine Gael Senator, Michelle Mulherin, has urged Mayo women to avail of free and lifesaving cervical screening.

Through Cervical Check, the National Cervical Screening Programme, women aged 25 to 60 can avail of free cervical screening from a registered practitioner of their choice.

Senator Mulherin said: “Each year, about 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with cervical cancer and over 90 lives are lost.

“Along with the HPV vaccine, regular screening is the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer.

“While I am delighted to hear that three quarters of Mayo women have been screened, it alarms me greatly that a quarter still haven’t availed of this free and excellent service.

“The test is a quick and simple one that although may be a little uncomfortable should not be painful.

“There are 60 locations across Mayo where women can get their free cervical screening. You can check the list of practices to find your local one on

“I would also urge the women of Mayo to discuss the issue with their female family members and friends.

“They can join me in getting the message out on social media using the hashtag #ShareTheWisdom.

“European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week takes place this week to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention.

“Since 2008, the Irish Family Planning Association has partnered with Cervical Check to highlight this initiative with the Pearl of Wisdom campaign, which I will be supporting by wearing the signature pin.

“Cervical screening saves lives. I am urging all women to check when their next free test is due, or to avail of their first one.

“I am delighted to support this excellent initiative.”


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