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Opposition more concerned with internal party angst rather than country’s future – O’Donovan

-   Patrick ODonovan TD

It is regrettable that some Opposition members are more concerned with their party’s public standing rather than the country’s wellbeing with Brexit looming on the horizon, Government Minister Patrick O’Donovan has said.

Minister O’Donovan called on politicians in Fianna Fáil to consider the future of the country over internal party wrangling and angst.

Minister O’Donovan said: “This Government – which many predicted would not survive, shortly after it began it’s term – has brought the country back to a position where we are almost at full employment and are meeting everyday challenges head on.

“With key Brexit negotiations continuing ahead of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (EU) next March, the country needs reassurances there will not be a General Election until Brexit and its aftermath is well off the agenda. Clearly, that will not occur until well beyond 2020.

County Limerick TD and Minister of State at the Departments of Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform Patrick O’Donovan continued: “We have a 2019 Budget to put in place – with the assistance of the Opposition – and at the same time, we are constantly working on Brexit and the net effects it can have for us.

“Ireland will suffer the most of all EU countries with Brexit, no matter what shape it takes, and to hear a member of Fianna Fáil today (Monday) discussing the need for them to put the future of this Government on hold and start naval gazing is irresponsible.

“Are Fianna Fáil more interested in their own future or that of the country? Where do their priorities lie because, with some of their representatives, it certainly doesn’t seem to lie with the people who elected them.

“In our Brexit dealings, we are part of the EU team negotiating with the UK to secure the best possible deal for this country. That, and no distractions, should be the responsibility for all Irish politicians.” Minister O’Donovan said.

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