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Shatter welcomes Referendum Result on Court of Appeal

5th October 2013 - Alan Shatter TD

Speaking today (Saturday), the Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter TD, said: ‘I want to thank those who voted in the Referendum for the substantial support given for the creation of a Court of Appeal.

This is the first major structural reform of our courts system to be incorporated into our Constitution since it was first adopted in 1937. It is a vital reform which will modernise our court structure and ensure that at the highest level our courts operate with greater efficiency’.

“It will also ensure greater transparency to decisions delivered by our Supreme Court where the constitutional validity of legislation is in dispute, and ensures that no individual member of the Court is prevented from delivering a judgment which fully details his or her views on the constitutional issue determined by the Court.

I now look forward to bringing before the Dáil in the coming months the required legislation to provide for the establishment of the Court of Appeal and to facilitate it taking up its constitutional duties by the autumn of 2014.” 

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