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Shane Ross’s Independent Alliance exposed as Emperor with no Clothes – Shatter

9th February 2016 - Alan Shatter TD

Fine Gael candidate for Dublin Rathdown, Alan Shatter, has this evening (Thursday) said that Shane Ross has confirmed, without any shadow of a doubt, that the Independent Alliance has no policies – on anything!


“Speaking on Six One news this evening, Shane Ross admitted that the Independent Alliance do not have a single policy. Not one. No policy on tax, no policy on jobs, no policy on health. Nothing!


 “Shane Ross has confirmed what we already knew; that the Independent Alliance stands for nothing. They are a disparate group of individuals with nothing in common and no policy platform. They are claiming to offer all things to all people, when in reality they are bringing absolutely nothing to the table.  They have nothing to offer. 


“The Independent Alliance does not deserve to be taken seriously and it is laughable that they present themselves as representing transparency in politics. They are anything but transparent. They are engaged in a cowardly smoke and mirrors presentation utterly lacking in substance and utterly lacking in principle.


“This is populist and cowardly politics at its absolute worst. Shane Ross is trying to sell the electorate a pup. He has participated in a series of one to one interviews in recent days but has completely declined when invited to participate in a broadcast debate on a national channel with me as a rival constituency candidate. His Independent Alliance is a front for self-promotion. The last thing this country needs is a raft of Independents trying to influence the next Government for their own gain.


“Fine Gael, in sharp contrast, has set out a detailed Long Term Economic Plan to keep the recovery going. We will abolish the USC, help create 200,000 jobs over the next five years, and bring 70,000 emigrants home. We understand that to bring about progress, you need solid, costed policies. Not tall talk and meaningless rhetoric.” 

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