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Better compensation coming down the line for commuters impacted by delays – McGahon

3rd March 2024 - Senator John McGahon


New Private Members Bill in the Seanad will see establishment of tiered compensation for trains delayed by 20 minutes or more, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Fine Gael Senator John McGahon will be introducing the Improved Rail Passenger Rights with Compensation for Delays and Cancellations Bill 2024 in Seanad Éireann on Tuesday, March 5th.

Senator John McGahon said: “In the commuter counties, including County Louth, there are many commuters travelling daily to Dublin, or multiple times a week. I hear regularly from these commuters that it is not unusual for several trains to be delayed on any given week. Quite frankly, that is not good enough. Frequent delays and cancellations of rail transport services are unacceptable.

“The Bill I have introduced in the Seanad will see the initial steps taken for the introduction of a tiered form of compensation arrangements for rail passengers. For train delays of between 20 and 39 minutes, a 25% refund will be offered; for delays of between 40 and 59 minutes, a 50% refund; and for delays over 60 minutes, a full 100% refund be given to rail passengers.

“The way that the current public transport operates needs to be improved. To ensure trains run on time, according to their stated schedule, passengers need to have confidence that the rail operators adhere to that schedule, or else be faced with having to financially compensate passengers for their late trains. This tiered scheme of compensation will financially incentivise Irish Rail to operate their services as they promise.

“Several other EU Member States have similar tiered compensation schemes in place, such as in Denmark and Sweden. If other EU Member States can have rail passengers compensated for delayed or cancelled rain services, then so can commuters in County Louth for trains to Dublin.

“I look forward to debating the merits of the Bill with the Minister for Transport in the Seanad in the near future, so that rail passengers can ensure more reliability from Irish Rail on their services for commuters”, concluded Senator McGahon.


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