Corcoran Kennedy outlines priorities if selected for Ireland South

-   Marcella Corcoran Kennedy TD

Fine Gael TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy is seeking the party’s nomination to become an MEP in the Ireland South constituency at the selection convention this weekend.

Deputy Corcoran Kennedy today said she is privileged and honoured to accept Fine Gael’s invitation to seek the nomination and is looking forward to an exciting contest on the day.

“Influencing European policies is now as important as domestic policies therefore it is vital that we send experienced politicians to represent our interests in Brussels and Strasbourg. Representation is even more important at this time of change where the EU project will be navigating a new path following the departure of the United Kingdom. Our response to Brexit will be a policy priority for me.

“If selected I will also focus on advancing policy in Agriculture & Rural Affairs including rural crime. The agri-food sector is the backbone of our economy especially our rural economy and needs every support to thrive in this challenging environment.  Ensuring a “Just Transition” in our Climate Action responses will be crucial to a successful transition to a low carbon society. The movement of people across Europe is an enormous challenge caused in the main by climate change and unrest.  Anti-human trafficking policies will need to be strengthened.  Sadly for so many slave labour and sexual and pornographic exploitation is the norm as international crime groups take advantage of their vulnerabilities in these circumstances.

“All children and their parents face challenges in relation to Internet security. Technology is progressing so rapidly that politicians globally are attempting to play catch up. As a result many of our children and young people are suffering from unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It is essential the European institutions play a leading a role in developing policies to respond to these challenges.

“I will use the experience I have gained as a Councillor, TD and Minister over many years to make an impact in the European Parliament to represent the Ireland South constituency.  These issues are important across the towns, villages and communities of Ireland and we need to be at the heart of EU policy decision making.

“I have always been committed to the European project as it has contributed so much to the development of progressive laws that continue to have a positive impact on all of our lives. What happens in Brussels can be a driver for positive change in our local communities.

“If selected, I will be privileged to join outgoing MEPs Deirdre Clune and Sean Kelly on the Fine Gael ticket for Ireland South,” she said.

Fine Gael will hold their Ireland South constituency selection convention on Sunday, March 3 in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

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