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David FitzGerald


David is son of Mary Crotty and Alexis FitzGerald, who together ran FitzGerald Auctioneers in Kilkenny. He is the youngest of nine children and is married to Paula. David and Paula have four children, including a surprise set of twins.


David was elected to Kilkenny Borough Council on his first attempt in 2009. He was Mayor of Kilkenny in 2011 and used his term in office to promote the Year of the Mind. During his term as Mayor David oversaw the purchase, by the council, of the old Smithwicks Brewery, a site which will be developed for educational, business and arts purposes.

In May 2014, David was re-elected to Kilkenny County Council with the highest Fine Gael first preference vote.

As a proud member of a Party that has long championed the Just Society?, David believes passionately that we must provide leadership on both social and economic issues.

David was the youngest ever president of Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce, he was the Chairman of Kilkenny’s winning Tidy Towns committee in 2014 and is a member of both the IFA and the GAA.

This bye-election is about many issues:

It is about protecting our rural communities, their bus services, their jobs, their homes and their possessions.

It is about supporting our farmers, who have invested heavily in milk and in expanding their farm holdings.

It is about finding solutions for those in need of housing and those weighed down with unsustainable debt.

It is about easing the heavy tax burden that real families and individuals have been shouldering in recent years, and it is about finally delivering the University of the South East.

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