Day 2 of General Election 2020 and Fianna Fail still have to publish any policies – O’Donovan

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  • Fianna Fail tired and lacking any ideas and imagination for Ireland’s future


It is simply incredible that two days into a general election campaign Fianna Fail have yet to produce any plans, statements of credible ideas about our Country’s future for the next 5 years a Fine Gael Minister has said.  This is coming from a party that have spent nine years in opposition and are continuing to demonstrate on a daily basis to the Irish people that they have no plans for Ireland or it’s people.


“Fianna Fail are being totally arrogant with the Irish people.  The question has to be asked, what have they been doing in opposition for the last nine years?


“They have produced no credible policies or alternatives and they are a tired, flat and low energy party that are lacking any ideas or imagination.  Given their track record with the economy and how they wrecked this country voters should be very wary the same old Fianna Fail.  They have not changed.


“When Fine Gael were planning for government in 2011, we produced 5 major plans which formed the 5 point plan well before the election started.


“What we learned from Fianna Fail today, is that they haven’t changed.  They are still the party that want to spend more, but not outline how they will raise the money.  They’ve wrecked this country before and they’ll do it again, if given the chance.






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