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Deputy Harris welcomes double-digit reduction in burglary rates in the Garda Region including Wicklow

3rd July 2013 - Simon Harris TD

Wicklow Fine Gael TD, Simon Harris, a former Chair of the Wicklow County Policing Committee has said that newly published figures from the CSO showing that burglaries have dropped over the last year by almost 11% in the Garda Eastern Region, which includes Wicklow, is “welcome news for residents across County Wicklow.”

“In recent years there has been an awful problem with burglaries in County Wicklow which caused fear and worry for residents. The Gardai undertook a specific and ongoing operation to target this crime and I am really pleased to see that newly published figures show that good, solid progress is being made. Wicklow is part of the Garda Eastern Region and the CSO statistics show that there has been a reduction of almost 11% in burglaries in that region over the last 12 months. This is an encouraging sign and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our Gardai,” stated Deputy Harris.

“There has been understandable concern over the last year or so at the increase in house break-ins. The very least any citizen should expect is being able to feel safe in their own home. I hope these latest figures, which show the rate of burglaries is significantly decreasing, will act as a source of reassurance.

“Operation Fiacla has been implemented in each Garda Region to target suspect offenders. By the end of May this year, 5,233 people have been arrested and 2,903 have been charged with burglary offences as a result of Operation Fiacla. Furthermore, the detection of persons in possession of an article with intent to burgle is up by 12.7%; so more and more burglaries are being prevented in the first place.

“Crime can have a devastating impact on an individual’s life, and it has a significant effect on community life. However, it’s encouraging that a range of offences associated with anti-social behaviour have also have fallen considerably. Nationally, public order offences are down by 12.5%, assaults, threats and related offences are down by 11.9% and damage to property is down by 10.1%.

“Community policing initiatives, as well as major national operations such as Operation Fiacla, are playing a huge role in making our towns, villages and homes safer places to be. I commend the efforts of the Gardaí in Wicklow in helping to bring about this positive reduction in crime rates.”


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