Fianna Fáil Manifesto: No Details, No Team, No Solutions

24th January 2020 - Fine Gael Press Office

FF’s 140 page conjob on the Irish electorate

The Fianna Fáil manifesto contains no real details once again highlighting the fact that they are intent on trying to fool the Irish electorate rather than deliver real solutions, according to Fine Gael Longford Westmeath Candidate, Peter Burke.

Micheál Martin’s solo performance at the launch, where he couldn’t trust one other member of Fianna Fáil to speak, showed that Fianna Fáil has no team that could handle the difficulties such as the next phase of Brexit and managing the Irish economy.

“Fianna Fáil’s manifesto is a 140 page conjob.

“There are no real details which means there are no real solutions. The Irish people are entitled to ask what have Fianna Fáil been doing for the last four years? They have no policies. The electorate deserve better.

“The fact that Micheál Martin refused to let any other member of his Party speak at the manifesto launch today also shows that Fianna Fáil has no team that he trusts to lead the government.

“The Irish people deserve a government with the team, track record and plans to deliver for them. That’s Fine Gael, not Fianna Fáil.”

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