Fine Gael wants to hear your views on how to commemorate the Covid-19 pandemic

24th September 2021 - Fine Gael Press Office

As we emerge from the pandemic, Fine Gael is asking people to consider the ways in which we can reflect on this period in our lives and pay tribute, remember and honour all those who lost their lives to Covid-19 and those who kept us safe.

The Fine Gael pandemic commemoration survey is looking to hear from people on issues such as who should be commemorated, when would be an appropriate date to hold an event, what form it should take and where it should take place.

Fine Gael Ministers, TDs and Senators have raised the need for a Covid-19 commemoration since the early days of the pandemic last year. As the worst of the pandemic is now hopefully behind us, the time is right to begin preparations to organise an official commemoration, which reflects the views and experiences of the Irish people.

On several occasions over the last 18 months, Fine Gael’s public representatives on the airwaves, during meetings and in numerous discussions have highlighted the need for a Covid-19 commemoration to remember and grieve all those that have lost their lives throughout the pandemic.

The efforts and sacrifices of frontline workers during the pandemic, including healthcare workers, supermarket workers, postmen and women, Gardaí, security staff, cleaning staff, factory staff, refuse collectors, transport operators and those working and volunteering in numerous other sectors during this time, must be remembered.

Suggestions for consideration for the commemoration include an official State event, a concert, a public holiday, a reward for frontline workers and many more. But however you believe the Covid-19 pandemic should be commemorated, Fine Gael wants to hear your views.

It is important that all have their say when it comes to remembering this period and the profound impact it had on all our lives and on this country. The pandemic will never be forgotten on this island.

The online survey is open for submissions now and can be accessed on

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