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Government must financially support charter to improve conditions for female intercounty players – Carrigy

5th August 2023 - Senator Micheál Carrigy

Funding should come from Government to support the implementation of a squad charter to improve standards and conditions for female intercounty players, according to a Fine Gael Senator.

Micheal Carrigy, Fine Gael’s Seanad spokesperson on Sport, said: “Female intercounty players have been engaging in a protest titled #UnitedForEquality.

“These talented players are role models for young people in their communities. As we look forward to the All-Ireland Camogie Championship finals tomorrow, they are rightly seeking fairness, equality and parity when training and competing in games.

“Women’s Gaelic Players’ Association (LGFA) want a female squad charter put in place for the 2024 season with the same standards and provisions to remain the same each year.

“This campaign has gained significant traction and was bolstered by the 2017 action taken by the World Cup qualifying Irish soccer team.

“Following constructive meetings between the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) and the LGFA and separately with the Camogie Association, a framework was agreed to deliver a standardised charter for female intercounty players for next year, which is an extremely positive development.

“The players also agreed to suspend protest actions on match days for the rest of the season. The GAA also committed to supporting the charter, with the representative bodies hailing the agreement as a landmark moment for Irish women’s sport.

“The two national governing bodies announced that they would agree to request funding support from the GAA for the charter implementation, independent of the GPA.

“There is also an agreement that if necessary, any approach to Government for funding will be undertaken jointly with the GPA.

“While integration talks between the three associations, GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association under the stewardship of Mary McAleese are ongoing, I would call on the Minister of State for Sport and Physical Education to make funding available for the implementation of the charter regardless of whether a request is made.

“Differences in how players are treated based on gender was never acceptable and the situation must change. The female players want to ensure that the minimum standards of welfare and care afforded to them next year at the earliest,” Senator Carrigy concluded.

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