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Harris tables special Dáil debate on N11/M11 flooding debacle

5th April 2013 - Simon Harris TD

Major aerial road shut for second time this year due to flooding – Wicklow TD to seek answers and accountability in Dáil debate

Wicklow Fine Gael TD, Simon Harris has written to the Ceann Comhairle tabling a special Topical Debate in the Dáil arising from the closure of the N11/M11 twice so far in 2013 due to flooding.

Speaking on this issue, Deputy Harris said, “It is utterly unacceptable that this major road route is closed in parts and that commuters from right throughout Wicklow are left in chaotic traffic for hours and hours on end when their is heavy rain. Surely in the 21st Century we can engineer and maintain roads to withstand heavy rain. This is not a small road, it is one of our country’s most major roadways and to see it unable to cope with rain and to be flooded twice in three months is ridiculous.”

“Since the latest flooding incident resulting in the closure of the road around the Bray exits, there has been significant “buck passing” going on. The NRA have implied that local authorities failed to maintain it adequately. Others have commented on the fact that there may be an engineering problem in and around the part of the road in question. Wicklow residents dont want buck-passing. They want answers and they want action,” stated Deputy Harris.

“I have now tabled a Dáil debate on the issue and have written to the Ceann Comhairle seeking time to consider the matter on the floor of the Dáil so that the Minister for Transport can bring together all the relevant agencies – the NRA and the local authorities – and secure answers, updates and assurances on this important issue. I will continue to pursue this until progress is made,” concluded Deputy Harris.


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