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House building hits 15-year peak thanks to robust housing plans – Cummins

26th January 2024 - Senator John Cummins

Over 32,000 houses were completed in 2023, marking the highest level of house building in 15 years, a Fine Gael Senator has said.


Senator John Cummins, Fine Gael’s Housing spokesperson said: “The figures show 32,695 new homes built around Ireland last year. This represents an increase of 10% from 2022. In October, November and December of last year, over 10,000 new homes were completed, which was an increase of 13% on 2022.


“This clearly shows that Housing for All, the government’s long-term plan to deliver more homes for people of all backgrounds is working.


“Fine Gael is committed to making sure young people can own their own home and we know that achieving a steady supply of housing in key areas of the country is central to making this a reality.


“We haven’t seen house building levels like this since 2008. Home-building has increased from 5,000 homes per year in 2013 to almost 33,000 in 2023 which by any objective measure shows a very strong trajectory.


“In addition, first-time buyer activity is at its highest since 2008, with 500 first time buyers drawing down their mortgage every single week in this country. Government schemes designed to boost homeownership like the Help to Buy scheme which provides first time buyers with up to €30,000 in the form of an income tax rebate towards the cost of a deposit and the First Home Scheme which bridges the gap for eligible purchasers between their maximum mortgage and the cost of their new home have been vital to this growth. Despite this opposition parties want to abolish both schemes and set back house building once again.


“Fine Gael and the government’s Housing for All plan is undoubtedly making positive progress, but of course we acknowledge there is still substantial work to be done. Our aim is to keep this momentum going delivering large volumes of social, affordable and private homes. Record commencement notices give me the confidence that the progress we made in 2023 can be built upon in 2024 and beyond.

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