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Introducing green alternatives for taxi users can benefit us all – Noone

16th August 2019 - Senator Catherine Noone

Dublin Senator, Catherine Noone has called for the introduction of new and novel ways of highlighting electric vehicles in public use.

Senator Noone said: “We should be thinking outside the box when promoting the use of electric cars to the public.

“Initiatives such as the introduction of ‘green taxi ranks’ reserved for electric vehicles can give the public, conscious of the environmental footprint, an alternative option to traditional vehicles.”

Senator Noone continued: “Other measures such as having the option of requesting an electric vehicle on popular taxi apps can increase the consumer’s choice of travel.

“Grants are also currently in place for taxi drivers driving electric vehicles. While take up so far has been slow, greater promotion and advertising can see rising numbers of applications.”

Senator Noone added: “I believe that making it as easy as possible for people to access green alternatives in travel will see more people availing of the environmentally friendly option.

“I believe that the public want to have these types of options and we should do everything we can to offer it to them.”

Senator Noone will be trialling an electric vehicle in the coming weeks to demonstrate the challenges and advantages of using sustainable vehicles.


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