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Latest British Government Protocol campaign nothing short of propaganda – Richmond

14th July 2022 - Fine Gael Press Office

 A Fine Gael TD has slammed a supposed information campaign launched by the British Government’s Northern Ireland Office which claims to explain how the British Government is fixing the post-Brexit Protocol.

Fine Gael spokesperson on European Affairs, Deputy Neale Richmond, has said the campaign is nothing short of propaganda and should be withdrawn.

Deputy Richmond said: “The British Government’s latest campaign dresses up their breaking of international law as a positive move to help Northern Ireland, when all this will do is hinder its progress and put peace at risk.

“This approach from the British Government is extremely concerning. From America to the European Union, it is widely recognised that this move violates international law and puts the EU Single Market in jeopardy.

“Despite this, the Northern Ireland Office feel it is appropriate to dress up the Bill as a perfect solution to issues with the Protocol.

“The British Government seem to forget that we all recognise that the Protocol has issues, but the only way to solve them is to sit down at the negotiating table and hammer out these problems.

“British politics is tumultuous enough at the moment, with potential Prime Ministers calling for the UK to withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights, the last thing we need is this calamitous campaign.

“In their call to withdraw from the ECHR, these candidates are calling for the UK to follow the example of Russia and Belarus, not exactly bedfellows most would want to be associated with.

“This is happening the same week the British Government has confirmed that the Good Friday Agreement requires the implementation of the ECHR in Northern Ireland.

“The disdain this current British Government is showing to the people of Northern Ireland, who largely support the Protocol, beggars belief.

“This campaign should be withdrawn immediately; the people of Northern Ireland deserve better”, Deputy Richmond concluded.

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