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Let’s aim for greener groceries- Naughton

22nd August 2018 - Hildegarde Naughton TD

Retailers must reduce plastic packaging on products to help make grocery shopping greener, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Chair of the new special Oireachtas Committee on Climate Change, Hildegarde Naughton, said multiples must give consumers more eco-friendly choices and in turn help reduce Ireland’s plastic waste.

Deputy Naughton, who also chairs the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment said: “Even a small grocery shop can result in an alarming amount of packaging waste.

“We all know the copious amounts of cardboard, tin and glass generated from nonperishable products, but even more alarmingly fresh produce like fruit and vegetables come wrapped in plastic punnets and trays.

“Even if you choose to buy these products loose, the bags provided are often plastic. This leaves consumers with little choice and creates excessive amounts of plastic waste.

“I am calling on all supermarkets to reduce the amount of packaging on their products.

“I am also calling on supermarkets to provide onsite unpacking facilities to customers, allowing people to remove packaging from their groceries and place them in recycling bins before taking them home.

“Consumers want to make greener choices, but currently they aren’t always facilitated.”

Fine Gael recently launched the National Development Plan, which commits €21.8 billion over the next ten years in a move towards a greener society.

One of the key National Policy Objectives contained in the plan is to support circular economy principles, prioritising prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery, to support a healthy environment, economy and society.

Deputy Naughton said: “Retailers and consumers alike must work together towards a cleaner, greener Ireland.

“Some supermarket chains are already taking action, with promises to cut down on plastics or make them more recyclable over the next number of years.

“Some are already providing compostable bags and areas for unpackaging, and this is extremely welcome.

“But I am calling on retailers to act now to work with their suppliers and reduce packaging across the board.

“Ireland has made progress in improving recycling and recovery levels, but further progress is needed to protect the environment, meet incoming EU regulations and facilitate the move to a circular economy in Ireland.”


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