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Massive boost for Kilkenny and Carlow with €28 million from the Urban Regeneration Fund

12th March 2021 - John Paul Phelan, TD

Carlow and Kilkenny have received a massive boost with almost €28m for transport, access and public improvement projects to regenerate and revitalise urban communities across the counties, Fine Gael Deputy John Paul Phelan has said.

“This second round of the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) will see over €18.1 million for Kilkenny, with €11.46 million for phase two of the Abbey Quarter Plan and over €6.64 million for the Kilkenny City Enhanced Liveability Project. In Carlow, over €9.7 million will revitalise the town through public infrastructure enhancements,” Deputy Phelan said.

“This funding is proof of Fine Gael’s commitment to Carlow and Kilkenny and will fund transformation projects that will benefit communities across the two counties. The funding for Carlow Project 2040 will prioritise sustainable links from the town centre to the train station or to the IT campus which will benefit many people.

“Meanwhile, the substantial investment of €18.1m in Kilkenny will deliver phase two of the Abbey Quarter Plan including Greensbridge Boardwalk to the Abbey Quarter and the refurbishment of the Squash Courts to serve as a cultural home, among other improvements.

“The URDF fund will also deliver major improvements through the Kilkenny City Centre Enhanced Liveability Project with funding for smarter travel options and shared spaces along High Street and Rose Inn Street, upgrades along Ormonde Street, better connections for St. Kieran’s Street with High Street and public realm improvements in Carnegie Plaza and the streetscape along Barrack Lane, linking to John Street.

“Based on applications from local authorities, the URDF will see substantial investment in infrastructure, improving transport and connectivity, quality and location of housing, recreational and cultural facilities, among other areas.”

“This new investment will unlock the potential of our urban areas, making the best use of land available, promoting sensible development and compact growth, and ensuring that our urban communities are attractive and vibrant places in which to live, work and visit.

“The support from the URDF for our communities is more vital than ever with the growth in remote and blended working which means more time spent at home locally, reduced time spent commuting as well as a boost for local businesses.

“I commend the work of Minister of State for Local Government and Planning, Peter Burke and Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage Darragh O’Brien in overseeing the administration of this unprecedented investment in urban regeneration and development.”

Launched by the Fine Gael-led government in November 2018 as part of Project Ireland 2040, the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund is about sensible, strategic and sustainable development that regenerates and rejuvenates our cities and large towns. By aligning with both the National Planning Framework and the National Development Plan, the URDF focuses investment on infrastructure, including transport, housing and recreation, in a way that improves quality of life for all.

Deputy Phelan concluded:

“I know the work that has gone into planning and developing these transformative projects and I’m eager to see their implementation which will benefit us all here in Kilkenny and Carlow.”


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