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National diabetes register needed to tackle concerns of diabetics – Byrne

12th November 2023 - Senator Maria Byrne

The absence of a national diabetes register is preventing the best outcomes for diabetics in Ireland, a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Senator Maria Byrne said that a new approach is needed for diabetes care in Ireland.

“Tuesday, the 14th of November is World Diabetes Day (WDD) and the theme for WDD this year is ‘Access to Diabetes Care’.

“One of the major issues that often gets brought to me is the need for a diabetes register. Currently there is no register in Ireland, so there is no accurate figure available for the number of people living with diabetes here.

“The lack of a register represents a problem for our health service as we attempt to tackle diabetes, an increasingly common and costly condition.

“By having a clear record, it would make planning for the future easier, through the tracking of the condition, and measuring the cost of care for the future. It could also be the starting point for the establishment of a number of registries for chronic diseases.

“To ensure we have high quality care for people with diabetes, it is essential that we know how many people have the condition across the country.

“Diabetes is a complex condition that that can require management across the entire spectrum of healthcare delivery, so establishing a register will make it significantly easier for healthcare providers across the system.

“Throughout Europe there are countries that use a register including Germany, Italy, and Poland. We need to be in line with other EU countries that are addressing the concerns of diabetics.

“There are a lot of positives surrounding care for people with diabetes in Ireland, with dedicated healthcare professionals, researchers, and the Long-Term Illness Scheme. What we need now is a better overall plan that looks at all aspects of diabetes care in Ireland”, concluded Senator Byrne.

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