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Cllr Angie Baily

Electoral Area: Tralee

Kerry County Council

Cllr Angie Baily

Introducing Angie Baily: An Invested Advocate for Tralee’s Future

Angie Baily is a wife and mother of two, currently residing outside Tralee. With a master’s degree in Anthropology and in the final stages of her Ph.D. in Education, Angie brings a wealth of academic insight and a passion for community development to the forefront of her candidacy.

Angie is an active participant in various community initiatives, serving on Parents’ Councils and Boards of Management, while also contributing significantly to postgraduate support networks and cultural festivals in the town. Her extensive involvement reflects her commitment to building stronger, more vibrant communities.

If elected, Angie’s priorities include:

  1. Safer roads and footpaths
  2. Support for stay-at-home parents and carers
  3. More awareness and access to women’s health
  4. Advocate for increased housing
  5. Support for farmers
  6. Improving transport links between Tralee and university hubs including Limerick and Galway
  7. Capitalise on Tralee’s potential to become a University Town

Angie Baily brings a unique blend of academic rigor and community spirit to the table. Her vision for Tralee is one of growth, inclusivity, and prosperity, and she is dedicated to working tirelessly to transform these sustainable aspirations into reality to make Tralee a better place for us all.

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