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Ross Kelly

Local Election Candidate

Electoral Area: Navan

Meath Council

Ross Kelly

Ross Kelly is a Local Election Candidate for the Navan Electoral Area.  He is 27 yrs old and works for a local financial services company.  He moved to Navan as a child and now wishes to give something back. 


Ross volunteers with local charities and community groups focusing on youth mental health. He sat on the Youth Advisory Panel for Jigsaw Meath offering advice on ways to make the service more youth friendly and being involved in fundraising initiatives.  He was also involved with the Save Claremont Stadium Campaign.  


Ross believes that young people have not had an adequate voice at the decision-making table of our local councils, and he wants to be that voice.


Ross was appointed a Peace Commissioner in 2017, one of the youngest in the country at the time and to date has helped 100s of people around Navan and the county in witnessing various legal documents, changes in official documentation, citizenship applications and business licences. 


His priorities are.

  • Improved facilities for young people in our community 
  • Better integrated local public transport system 
  • Dedicated remote working hub for Navan 
  • Increased Garda visibility to help dampen issues with antisocial behaviour

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