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Directly Elected Mayor for Limerick to be given significant powers

The Government has today approved the drafting of legislation for the new role of a directly elected mayor for Limerick City and County with executive functions (responsibilities). The Minister of State for Local Government and Planning, Peter Burke, today confirmed that the legislation required to enable the first election for a directly elected mayor will be advanced as quickly as possible, with the aim of an election taking place before the end of 2021. As the role is due to come into existence in the middle of the local government electoral cycle the first mayoral term will run until the local elections of 2029.

Burke – Please contact Community Call if you are in need

Peter Burke, Minister of State for Planning and Local Government has urged all those who need assistance with grocery shopping, prescriptions or general supplies, to call the Community Call number, which is 1800 805 816 in Westmeath and 1800 300 122 in Longford.