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Senator Emer Currie

Constituency: Dublin West

Seanad Spokesperson on Employment Affairs, Work/Life Balance & Northern Ireland

Senator Emer Currie

Emer was appointed as a Senator on 27 June, 2020, as a Taoiseach’s Nominee.



Dublin West’s hard-working but hard-pressed people want a community and country that’s built to succeed.

Leo Varadkar’s Fine Gael has an ambitious plan to transform Ireland but he wants more people like me, with the right skills and experience, to close the gap between politics and real life.

I’m a mum to two young girls, daughter of older parents and a committed business professional. I understand the climate changes facing us. I understand how hard work doesn’t seem to be enough to get us where we need to be. I understand the struggle to juggle everything.

We need change-makers in our community. If elected to Dáil Éireann, I will work for:

A Better Balance – We need flexibility and choice in how we work, commute and care for our families

A Better Future – It’s not just about what we have to lose, but what Ireland has to gain. Our transition to a zero carbon, circular, digitised economy can make us successful and sustainable

A Better Deal – Meaningful investment in our public services and community resources, so they work harder for us and support our growing needs.

I have the ideas, energy and drive to transform our community. I’m ambitious for Dublin 15 and if you are too, please give me your No 1 vote.

My key priorities for Dublin West:

  • Flexible and remote work culture
  • Thriving and sustainable D15 villages
  • Childcare, schools and children
  • Integrated transport system
  • Health and care in our community.

Who is Emer?

Emer Currie was elected as a first-time candidate on the first count in May 2019 for the Castleknock Local Election Area in Dublin West.

She became a Business Director in Ireland’s largest marketing and communications company at 31. Her greatest work achievements drove behavioural change through public awareness campaigns for the local environment, public health and Ireland’s domestic tourism market.

As well as a professional campaigner, Emer has been a political campaigner all her life. She is daughter of Civil Rights leader, SDLP founder, Dublin West TD and Minister for Children, Austin Currie.

Since she was elected in May, she has delivered community-led climate action initiatives. She has worked closely with schools and business. She drives a campaign in Dublin 15 to change how we work, promoting suburban co-working spaces and flexible workplaces to reduce pressure on parents and commuters.

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2 Westmanstown Cottages
D15 X7KN.