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A robust Circular Economy will tackle climate change head-on.

The current approach of ‘take, make, discard’ leads to more materials being extracted than Nature can replenish, and huge amounts of waste and pollution.

The key principle of the Circular Economy is to reduce environmental impact by designing out the damage. This is done through reducing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products.

There is no planet B.

  • We cannot continue our unsustainable use of materials—neither fossil fuels nor nature’s diversity—just to serve faster living.
  • We cannot continue to fill our dumps and send more and more waste to incineration.
  • The future of our planet is at serious risk.
  • The Fine Gael Policy Lab is inviting you to share your views on the Circular Economy.
  • Your input is crucial on this vitally important issue.

If you are worried about environmental sustainability, please take our survey on the Circular Economy.

The planet cannot continue to absorb the impact of the present way we live our lives. The Circular Economy seeks to design out the environmental damage from the supply chains which support our lives. From Fast Fashion to Renewable Power, everyone has a role to play.

Whatever, your politics we want to hear your ideas. Please get involved in our survey and in shaping the response to the political challenge of our generation.