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Fine Gael wants your input for new policies to promote positive ageing

Fine Gael’s Policy Lab is seeking the input of retirees for new policies to promote positive aging.

Richard Bruton TD said the party is holding a Policy Lab on Positive Ageing to reach as wide an audience as possible so that the lived experience of families and those with direct experience in the area can throw up new insights for policy makers.

“We are proposing a survey to seek general views on the importance of particular issues around positive ageing, the perception of existing arrangements and barriers, the priorities for improvement, and examples of good practice they have experienced”.

“The survey will offer the chance for people to take part in facilitated “Policy Kitchens” where policy innovations can be developed and teased out.

“These sessions will examine a wide range of issues, including how do we build diverse policies needed at different stages to support a fulfilling retirement; what policies are needed to plan the funding, the accommodation and the resources for changing needs in retirement years and what policies are needed to understand the fears, and to protect the interests, the health and the relationships of citizens as needs change and problems arise in these advancing years.

“We want to promote wide participation and to value all suggestions and experiences from those with an interest in this area

“Too often it is only a small range of voices who are heard when policies are formed. This is a chance to do things differently. We want to reach individuals and also active retirement groups and local service providers across the country.

Anyone wishing to take part in the survey can give their views at the following link: EUSurvey - Survey (