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Proposal To Abolish Rates for Sports Clubs

9th February 2011 - Senator Anthony Lawlor

I give my full support to the proposal to amend the valuation act 2001 to allow sports clubs, registered under the 1904 Registration of Clubs Act, to be exempted from commercial rates as put forward by Naas Rugby, GAA, Golf and Tennis Clubs.

The work carried out by sporting clubs within the community is invaluable. In our present economic environment where clubs are struggling to get money to fund their day to day operations it is imperative that we find measures that will assist these volunteer-run clubs. This measures is a well thought out solution to assist clubs and is simple to implement.

I will in my role as councillor for the Naas area and if elected as TD for the North Kildare Constituency work immediately by putting this amendment on the agenda of the next Minister of Finance and Minister of Sports, Arts & Tourism and actively seek the support across all parties to have the act amended.

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