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Racism exists in Ireland, and we cannot turn a blind eye to it – Carroll MacNeill

22nd January 2021 - Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, TD

IHREC’s campaign #AllAgainstRacism highlights the responsibility individuals have in combatting hateful and racist harassment experienced by too many people in Ireland today, a Fine Gael TD has said.

Deputy Jennifer Carroll MacNeill said that the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission’s campaign shows that casual and systematic racism is a daily reality for people of different backgrounds.

Deputy Carroll MacNeill said: “The campaign features eleven interviews which give voices to those who aren’t often heard. We must listen to those who share their stories with us, but listening alone does not bring about change.

“We all have a role to play in the fight against racism. It exists in Ireland, and we absolutely cannot turn a blind eye to it.

“The conversation about racism in Ireland has gained momentum throughout the country. People are experiencing it in their homes, in their day to day lives, and in their workplaces.

“I know that colleagues of mine across different political parties have been subjected to campaigns of racial abuse, which was highlighted by the harassment of Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu outside her home yesterday.

“As a society, and as individuals, we have a major role to play in turning the tide against prejudiced and violent hate.

“We must stand up and question hatred and abuse when we see it and send the message that there is no place for it in our country. It is not welcome here and we will not accept it.”

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