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Sinn Féin are the party of climate inaction with no vision or policies on achieving targets – Bruton

14th July 2022 - Richard Bruton TD

Sinn Féin are the party of climate inaction with no vision or coherent policies on one of the greatest challenges of our times, according to Fine Gael TD Richard Bruton.

Deputy Bruton, Chair of the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party, said, “It is clear once again that climate change doesn’t matter much to Sinn Féin. Party leader Mary Lou McDonald failed to mention it once in her statement in the Dáil during the Government confidence motion on Tuesday night.

“Their weakness on the issue was demonstrated later that night during a media interview by the party’s spokesperson, Darren O’Rourke.

“During a climate action debate with the leader of the Green Party Leader, Deputy O’Rourke was unable to outline where the party stood on a range of issues such as emission targets around agriculture and transport, and how it would achieve the proposals contained in the Government’s Climate Action Plan.

“The party claims it is committed to climate justice and a just transition for Ireland but cannot say how it will do it or pay for it.

“They oppose a carbon tax even though almost every climate scientist says carbon pricing is part of the solution and refuse to take the measures necessary to protect our environment.

“Their incoherence is hardly surprising coming from a populist party who continually offer half-baked and uncosted solutions to some of the biggest challenges the country faces. All they want are soundbites and easy solutions.

“In contrast, Government has committed to thought-out and planned solutions to help leave the planet in a better place, making sure we play our part.

“Carbon budgets for the next three five-year cycles were approved by Government in late February and adopted in April. Sectoral emissions ceilings will soon be agreed by Government and any targets must recognise the special economic and social role of agriculture as stated in the Climate Act.

“We’re implementing a National Retrofitting Programme that will see thousands of homes made warmer and more comfortable to live in every year.

“We’re investing in renewable energy, better and cheaper public transport and all the infrastructure that makes it easier for people to make the more sustainable choice,” Deputy Bruton concluded.


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