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Sinn Féin hypocrisy on climate action is staggering – Heydon

21st July 2022 - Martin Heydon TD

Sinn Féin’s hypocrisy on climate change is staggering and knows no bounds, a Fine Gael Minister has said.


Agriculture Minister Heydon said with Fine Gael working hard to achieve agreement on emissions targets for each Government department, the opposition party has taken every possible position on the issue.


“On climate change, they turn faster than weathervanes. Sinn Féin twists and u-turns whatever way the wind blows for them but that is nothing new.


“Today, they seemingly have a big interest in developing offshore windfarms. However last November, they withdrew their own Bill before the Dáil to ban the construction of inland windfarms. They did so as it coincided with the international agenda setting COP 26 climate conference and was a bad look for the party.


“Are Sinn Féin for or against windfarms? I can’t tell. They want to ban them for seven years and all of a sudden, a big U-turn and are all for them this month.


Minister Heydon highlighted other Sinn Féin contradictions.


“In 2020, their Climate Action spokesperson David Cullinane said vague promises wouldn’t cut it on Climate Action[1]. Luckily enough, it remains on their website for all to see.


“Yet what is their position this week? It is entirely vague. Their current climate spokesman, Darren O’Rourke, said his party has no position on where carbon emissions target should land for the agri sector.


“Sinn Féin have access to as much information as the rest of us. They are hypocritical and don’t want to take a position on a hard issue. Sinn Féin cannot be trusted when it comes to hard decisions.


“Yet, watch them when Government makes a decision on this, they will be the first out criticising it. They will take a position then after a decision is made. They want it every way.


“Fine Gael wants to achieve a fair and equal balance on tackling climate change and reducing emissions while ensuring all continue to enjoy successful and vibrant livelihoods in the agri sector and all other areas. We will continue to work hard in all departments to achieve this.


“Our country is a world leader in terms of quality food produce which has a major role in the economies of rural Ireland. Long may it continue to be sustainable and viable with considered decisions taken while others twist and turn,” Minister Heydon said.

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