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Sinn Féin want a Christmas General Election rather than provide solutions – Flanagan

Fine Gael are committed to providing stronger, safer communities

3rd December 2023 - Charles Flanagan TD

Sinn Féin want a General Election at Christmas rather than provide credible solutions with other parties, Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan has said.


Deputy Flanagan, a former Justice Minister, said it is quite apparent what is at risk this week after Sinn Féin put down a Dáil motion against Justice Minister Helen McEntee.


“Make no mistake about it, Sinn Féin and Mary Lou McDonald would short-change all if they ever had to make serious and hard decisions about ensuring our cities and communities are safe.


“Look at their actions over the last week and a half,” the Laois-Offaly TD said.


“Rather than work with Government and other authorities to ensure Dublin and all other areas are safe and equipped with high visibility policing, they want to ‘take out’ the Justice Minister Helen McEntee and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.


“Rather than respect a school’s wishes for privacy as they attempt to return to normality, Deputy Mary Lou McDonald goes and records social media videos for publicity stunts. At the same time, Sinn Féin tweets and produce images in the Dáil of vulnerable people and are led by the hard right.


“Rather than work with Dublin businesses and listen to their concerns, as Fine Gael Ministers have done constantly, they try to cause a General Election this month.


“Rather than work with all and provide unity following the violent events of November 23rd, Sinn Féin want to tear down the institutions that people are looking for leadership from.


“But this has always been Sinn Féin’s default position. Attack the State and attempt to tear it down.


“Sinn Féin and Mary Lou McDonald won’t succeed. Fine Gael want to build stronger, safer communities across the country.


“Sinn Féin, in their own language, want to ‘take out’ the Justice Minister. Let’s have that justice debate this week and all will see in stark detail where Sinn Féin have stood with this country and An Garda Siochána when it comes to ensuring justice prevails in this country,” Deputy Flanagan said.


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