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Sinn Féin’s latest stunt will waste Dáil time needed for the real issues that matter to people – Burke

10th July 2022 - Peter Burke TD

With their motion on the Government this week, Sinn Féin are wasting Dáil time needed for the real issues that matter to people, a Fine Gael Minister has said.

Minister Peter Burke said, “Sinn Féin’s latest stunt will be a complete waste of Dáil time. The Government and Fine Gael are completely focused on tackling the issues that impact on people’s lives, and Sinn Féin’s politically motivated motion will simply take valuable Dáil time away from that work.

“Fine Gael and the Government are entirely focused on putting more money back in people’s pockets and reducing the cost of living. Sinn Féin are playing political games at a very serious time when work is ongoing for September’s budget

“We know that people are working hard for themselves and their families, and rising costs are making it ever more expensive to do the weekly shop, to fill the car and pay the bills.

“Fine Gael have led a dynamic response to this by cutting taxes and raising pensions and welfare, the €200 energy credit, increases in back-to-school allowance and SUSI grants, and measures which will come into place immediately at the next budget.

“We are now focused on reducing the cost of childcare for all families as well as reducing student fees and providing more student grants to help with the cost of college. We will continue to build more homes (social, private, cost rental and affordable purchase) ensuring lower rents and giving first time buyers saving for their deposit a grant of up to €30,000. We are helping with the cost of petrol and diesel by keeping excise low and cutting train and bus fares permanently. We will give more people free GP care and lower the cost of medicines, and we want to increase payments for pensioners, carers, people with disabilities and the vulnerable

“It’s clear however Sinn Féin are more interested in soundbites than solutions. They consistently fail to suggest any meaningful ideas to help tackle any of the issues we face.

“The reality is that Sinn Féin are a danger to this country’s progress. Their high tax anti-business stance would drive investment and jobs out of Ireland.

“This latest stunt from Sinn Féin is ridiculous populism and we will not let it distract from our ongoing work on the issues that matter to people. Fine Gael is pushing for a budget that puts more money back in people’s pockets and reduces the cost of living for all”, Minister Burke concluded.

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