The prevalence of spiking in Ireland is far too high, but we are taking action to curb spiking.

YFG have drafted a Bill which would make spiking a stand-alone offence, carrying a minimum sentence of 10 years.

This survey will aid us in our campaign to ensure longer, safer nights.

Please state your gender.
What province do you live in?
Do you know someone who has been a victim of spiking in recent months?
Do you think the government are doing enough to tackle the issue of spiking?
How would you rate the efforts of licensed premises to curb spiking?
Do you agree that licensed premises should make drink lids and bottle stoppers freely available to customers, as an added tool in preventing spiking?
Did you know that spiking is not currently a stand-alone offence under Irish legislation?
Young Fine Gael have drafted a Bill which will create a specific offence for spiking. It will carry a minimum 10-year sentence. Do you believe that this is a positive step?
Do you believe an awareness campaign is needed surrounding the prevalence of spiking in Ireland in recent time?
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