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Substantial development opportunity for our defence forces in Dún Laoghaire harbour – Carroll MacNeill

9th February 2022 - Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, TD

Major development of our defence forces is necessary following the Report of the Commission of the Defence Forces, a Fine Gael TD has said.


Deputy Jennifer Carroll MacNeill, Fine Gael TD for Dún Laoghaire, said, “This report now needs to be taken seriously so we as a country can be ambitious with, and for, our military. There is a need to get quickly to ambition level 2 and to provide a pathway to ensure that this State can properly protect itself and its surrounds and respond to the needs of our citizens in difficulties around the world.


“Brexit has proven that the stability of status quo cannot be taken for granted and we have a need to develop the security of the East Coast and the capacity to patrol the Irish sea effectively.


“The Report clearly identifies the need for an enhanced national Recognised Maritime Picture to monitor Ireland’s territorial waters and Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone.


“With that in mind, there is an opportunity now for the Navy to identify a future home for such a patrol and Dún Laoghaire harbour is the obvious place for that.


“It is half-way along the East Coast, it is a harbour location that gives the Navy full control to enter and exit as needed without commercial constraints of other operators and it has the space and berthing area that is suitable. It is a state asset that is underutilised and would provide the Navy with a suitable, visible and high-profile location from which to operate on behalf of our citizens.


“It is clear from today’s report that the Navy needs to be expanded both in terms of assets and location. I am calling on the Navy to now assess the Dún Laoghaire harbour for suitability and would welcome them to Dún Laoghaire.” concluded Deputy Carroll MacNeill. 


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